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I just want to sleep for another week. Why did I agree to go to work Monday and possibly Tuesday? Oh yeah...cause I'm nice and money pays my rent :-P I am just so tired this semester and everything surrounding it has chewed me up and spit me out. School and work and no time for a social life and minimal sleep. Christmas was nice, my brother spoiled everyone rotten. He LOVES to watch people open stuff and he gave me some great gifts:) but oh man the energy to open everything he even wrapped a single button, and a single zipper pull and I was getting sick mondayish and so Christmas day i was sick and I just wanted to fall asleep in my chair instead of opening the mountain of packages. My mom got me a lot of little toiletry things in my stocking per usual :) Also got a nice bathrobe which i needed and yay a new coffee maker that has no carafe for me and the roomie to shatter, it's one of those you push your cup under it and it dispenses into your cup! Speaking of appliances lol my brother's girlfriend gave me a blender so yay smoothies or drinks requiring a blender yay! The highlights from my brother's xmas bag of doom are some really awesome books that I am completely blanking out on other than the Alex Ross art book Mythology :) woot

My mom and I saw despereaux yesterday and awww it was so cute I liked it, a slow start but very enjoyable. I was surprised how few people were in the theater, especially kids. Either way it was nice to have a day out with my mom, I miss getting to spend time like that with her on a regular basis.



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Dec. 28th, 2008 09:43 pm (UTC)
I want to steal your Alex Ross book.
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