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I had a boostle birthday

Fan crafts are made of win! A duck, a cake and pillows!Collapse )

All in all it was a pretty sweet birthday. There was blindfolding and driving around in circles in an attempt to confused me. Aside from the boostle stuff Paul gave me a cricket bat to defend myself from zombies :D yay! I received several decks of magic cards (I think it's kinda fun but i'm not that into it so lol now i have my own decks to play with at least)

Edit: my edit is to say that my 'not that into it' isn't meant as i don't like magic but that i'm not a hardcore magic player for I am still learning, sentence would have been better if i added the word 'yet' but oh wells
I just want to sleep for another week. Why did I agree to go to work Monday and possibly Tuesday? Oh yeah...cause I'm nice and money pays my rent :-P I am just so tired this semester and everything surrounding it has chewed me up and spit me out. School and work and no time for a social life and minimal sleep. Christmas was nice, my brother spoiled everyone rotten. He LOVES to watch people open stuff and he gave me some great gifts:) but oh man the energy to open everything he even wrapped a single button, and a single zipper pull and I was getting sick mondayish and so Christmas day i was sick and I just wanted to fall asleep in my chair instead of opening the mountain of packages. My mom got me a lot of little toiletry things in my stocking per usual :) Also got a nice bathrobe which i needed and yay a new coffee maker that has no carafe for me and the roomie to shatter, it's one of those you push your cup under it and it dispenses into your cup! Speaking of appliances lol my brother's girlfriend gave me a blender so yay smoothies or drinks requiring a blender yay! The highlights from my brother's xmas bag of doom are some really awesome books that I am completely blanking out on other than the Alex Ross art book Mythology :) woot

My mom and I saw despereaux yesterday and awww it was so cute I liked it, a slow start but very enjoyable. I was surprised how few people were in the theater, especially kids. Either way it was nice to have a day out with my mom, I miss getting to spend time like that with her on a regular basis.


Graduation! 08

The school jerked me around for about a month about my transfer credits almost keeping me from graduating for some insignificant 3 credit gen ed requirement that should have been taken care of with my AA from VCC. Well lo and behold a few days before graduation they figured out what the glitch was and said I was good to go as long as I passed my classes. So I'm graduated! I knew I was graduating with honors but I wasn't sure what level I'd received. So when I looked in the program for the graduation I was pleased to see I'd earned Magna Cum Laude. So now that I've earned my BA it is on to grad school come January. I'm registered for 2 classes I need and waiting to hear from my adviser about what kind of elective I need to add to make myself full time.





I do not advise waiting till the last minute to read a book for a lit class. Even awesome books are painful to read when you have 500pages and don't start reading till 7 or 8 pm.

America, Fuck Yeah!

This election was amazing and filled me with pride for not only our state but our country.

My presidential choice won, that was so exciting. I was literally giddy and giggling at points, then a little misty eyed at others. You could hear people celebrating till probably twoish in the morning :) It was truly an amazing day.

I am however sad to say that my write in candidate for Osceola County Sheriff lost. Mr. Ted Kord lost to the incumbent Bob Hansell.  Lets face it. This was an uphill battle for Ted anyway, Bob has been with the Osceola County Sheriff's dept since the 70s and the man has worked in and supervised almost every area of the agency including the SWAT team. I however believd that Ted's amazing dectetive skills, snazzy wardrobe and the fact that he brings with him The Bug would help garner him a good following but it seems that only 1% of the vote mannaged to go to the write in. I like to believe that all 1484 of those votes are for an Osceola county that could have been policed by officers in replica's of The Bug. Though both Ted and I are gracious losers so I tip my hat to you Bob for an excellent race, make Osceola county a better place to live sir! We'll be watching.

Osceola County Sheriff

Precincts Reporting - 99% Votes Percent
Bob Hansell 78816 99%
write-in 1484 1%


Nov. 4th, 2008

Today was a good day

Yay for awesome costme finshing

Yay for Halloween! Look at the awesome. I loved it. the emblem on the shirt could use some work but I'm otherwise happy, it's not like I'm cosplaying in it evar.

So I'm working on my halloween costume. Needs to be totally done by friday... early saturday by the latest for steph's party. I'm super lame so I'm trying to be my favorite super hero Blue Beetle II (Ted Kord). This is where I'm at so far with it.

I got some steampunk goggles that I'm in love with and I am convinced I want to make/get some steampunk clothing for something in the future

I've got fabric to do some boot covers and gloves and ideally I'd like to get his chest symbol onto the shirt but the chest symbol i'm struggling with

ugh so much school work so little time